Test Rigs


Test Rigs, One chance to get it right.

Test rigs are essential in the  development of next generation equipment.  Modeling is also continuously  evolving and dropping in cost, but if you are really state-of-the-art,  you are ahead of reliable modeling.

Test  rigs present different challenges than moving to production.  There is  no volume benefit.  Everything must work the first time, so experience  and designed-in reliability are essential...even though you are going  into undeveloped operating ranges!  This is a critical combination of  classic "hands-on" engineering skills, meshing of multiple specialty  technologies, and understanding advanced concepts. 


Coming  from R&D backgrounds with all-new turbomachinery designs, this is  an area that OFM works in quite comfortably.  Additionally, we maintain  relationships with consultants and companies with overlapping and unique  skills and will work as both your technical lead and program lead to  create the special purpose test rig you require.